Why Direct Mail Is More Powerful Than Digital

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Here are some tips to make it work for you.

Every direct mail piece must start with an irresistable offer. What’s yours?

What do you wish to accomplish with your mailing piece?

Who is your target audience?

What image do you wish to portray to your customers?

These are “must answer” questions before you start.

We hear over and over again that print is dead, but not so! Print is up 8.4% this quarter. Many companies are use direct mail to bring in customers. Old Navy’s target audience is a younger demo, Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Victoria Secrets are a few that come to mind.

Did you know that print registers in a different part of your brain than digital media? As a result, when you look at print, it is more real, more memorable and more impactful!

Here are some great tips for creating your best direct mail piece.

1) Put your irresistable offer on both sides. You only have 3 seconds to capture your customer’s attention — make sure they see your irresistible offer.

2) Red is a very powerful color. If it works with your piece, put your offer in red.

3) Always have photos of people looking into your text. Their gaze should lead the customer through your print piece.

4) Direct mail works best as a campaign — you should plan to mail three times in a row.

5) Use 12 point serif body type. Serif type is easier to read than san serif for body type.

SERIF (feet or notches on the tops and bottoms of the letters) SAN SERIF (smooth ends to all letters)

6) Reverse type is OK for short headlines only, otherwise white type on a black background is harder to read.

7) All caps is harder to read. Avoid using all caps.

8) Blasts and bursts don’t work that well. Don’t put all your punch into the blasts.

(Here is an example of a burst ?). Typically it has a short blurb of type inside. ?

9) Warm colors (reds/oranges) draw more attention than cool colors. (blues/greens)

10) Johnson boxes and P.S. are very powerful. Reiterate your offer in a P.S. or Johnson box at the bottom of your piece. (A Johnson box is a piece of type with a line around the parameter in the shape of a rectangle.)

11) Clarity will always trump cleverness. Keep it simple.

12) Hand address your envelopes if you can — you’ll get more response. If you can’t hand address, use a handwriting font for your labels or request a hand writing font at your mailing house.

13) Hand stamp your envelopes and you’ll get a better response.

14) Colored envelopes get more response than white envelopes.

Print elicits a greater internal thinking to align with a person’s feelings/memories than digital media.

Everyone looks at their mail. You have 3 seconds to get your customer’s attention. Do it quick. Keep it simple with easy headlines. Always talk about benefits. What can you or your product do for your customer? Don’t get bogged down on features — stick with benefits.

Direct mail works! If you need help with your design, printing, mailing list, delivery date or any aspect of your direct mail give us a call Tomlinson Design & Advertising 810.742.0932 or lori@tomlinsonadvertising.com