Use Signs for Your Off-Site Promotions

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Need Signs to Promote Your Business?

Signs attract new customers and promote your business.

When you’re catering an event, giving out samples or sponsoring an event, are you getting the full marketing impact?  Does everyone at the event know who is providing the fabulous food they are eating?

You have planned, prepared and brought the food. Now make sure the guests know who you are and how they can get your tasty food again.  Make sure to maximize your return business.

Signs are crucial to create a positive impact for your business.  Signs direct us, remind us and sometimes even inspire us to make decisions each day. For local small businesses, they are a priceless way to establish an identity and gain new customers.

Promotional ideas for events include:

  • Table tent cards that show your name and logo on the buffet table
  • Tall banner signs – retractable (easy to transport with carrying case) – in the background/entrance
  • Business cards so guests can contact you
  • Posters on an easel
  • Catering menus displayed in an acrylic holder

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