Fall is a great time for direct mail

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in Blog | No Comments

The time leading up to the holidays is a great time for direct mail.

Once the political window passes on November 4th — any time is a good time. Obviously for home decorating and improvement, the earlier the better. Retail should be going hard throughout the month of November and early December. Early incentives can capture holiday customers before the onslaught of everyone entering the market.

We offer professional mail services and can provide you with a secure list with an assortment of parameters including age, sex, income and more. We can target special neighborhoods or clean up your existing client list. We know the USPS rules and regulations and can navigate through the process efficiently and effectively.

We offer design and printing services. We have over 28 years experience with direct mail. Did you know that when your customer can touch your promotional piece, it registers in a different part of their brain making it more memorable. They can save a printed piece for future reference too!

Contact us today for your fall direct mail. We can add it to your marketing mix for MAXIMUM RESULTS.