Do Fonts Have Psychology?

Posted by on May 4, 2014 in Blog | No Comments

Anything that passes through your senses affects your brains. In turn it will affect your mood, your feelings, and your perception including fonts.

Serif is authoritative. Authority blogs make use of this font. The most famous authority bloggers have built their careers on the articles they write. Of course there are other elements to be considered but one of them is the font they use on their blogs.

Sans Serif is universal. Blogs are a global thing. Naturally if you put anything on your site, you might as well make it understandable and relatable wherever they might be.

Slab Serif is strong. Strength is admired by everyone. I have yet to see an individual who is not impressed by strength.

Script is elegant. Art blogs, music biz, the film industry, and other sites dealing with creativity will benefit from utilizing a script font. They’ll project alegance right away.

Modern is stylish. Fashion and the corporate world deserves something that will boost their performance. In fact anything that delves with business will benefit from maximizing this font.