Use Signs for Your Off-Site Promotions

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Need Signs to Promote Your Business? Signs attract new customers and promote your business. When you’re catering an event, giving out samples or sponsoring an event, are you getting the full marketing impact?  Does everyone at the event know who is providing the fabulous food they are eating? You have planned, prepared and brought the […]

Do’s & Don’ts of Good Restaurant Menu Design

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As with so many things, your restaurant menu must start with a plan. These are the questions you should ask yourself or your team before getting started. New or Existing Restaurant Who is my target audience/customer? What image do we want to project? (ie cutting edge, fun, comfortable, classic, elegant) Choose adjectives to describe how […]

Postal Rate Hike Coming: Direct Mail Tips

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Thinking about doing direct mail? A postal rate hike is on it’s way. Beat the hike and act now. Target your best customers with direct mail! We hear it over and over again: It’s becoming harder and harder to reach my target audience. Have you considered direct mail? Everyone checks to their mailbox. Catch their […]

Why Physical “Thank You Notes”​ Help Your Sales

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One of the simplest things you can do to increase your bottom line is: “Say ‘thank you’. Go all the way with custom thank you notes. . . and mail them. A genuine ‘thank you’ note from anyone is rare these days. This is probably because we are all in a hurry — communicating in […]

Jump on the Gift Card Sales Bus

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Did you know that 70% of gift certificates are never redeemed? This according to a survey by Marketing Workshop Inc. It’s free money in your pocket as a retailer or restaurant owner! Time to start promoting gift cards/certificates. You should post a sign at your sales counter promoting gift certificates. Promote them in all your […]

Fall is a great time for direct mail

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The time leading up to the holidays is a great time for direct mail. Once the political window passes on November 4th — any time is a good time. Obviously for home decorating and improvement, the earlier the better. Retail should be going hard throughout the month of November and early December. Early incentives can […]

Do Fonts Have Psychology?

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Anything that passes through your senses affects your brains. In turn it will affect your mood, your feelings, and your perception including fonts. Serif is authoritative. Authority blogs make use of this font. The most famous authority bloggers have built their careers on the articles they write. Of course there are other elements to be […]

Tips to build a successful brand

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Building a successful brand can solidify your business in your niche. It establishes you and your business as a name that can be trusted. Here are some tips to help you build brand success. What Is a brand? When you see the swoosh logo, what does it make you think of? And how about Coca-Cola? […]

Why Direct Mail Is More Powerful Than Digital

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Here are some tips to make it work for you. Every direct mail piece must start with an irresistable offer. What’s yours? What do you wish to accomplish with your mailing piece? Who is your target audience? What image do you wish to portray to your customers? These are “must answer” questions before you start. […]